New Moon Tarot: The Will to Rise

Happy New Moon!

The Capricorn New Moon occurs on Tues, Jan 16 at 6:17 pm PT.

I’m inspired to connect with you today. This month’s Capricorn New Moon is infusing our New Year with a huge dose of personal empowerment.

In the coming month you’ll have the opportunity to receive new awareness of who you truly are, and new visions of ways in which you can contribute to the world.

We stand at a very real threshold in a time of great change. The old forms of power and authority are being dismantled before our eyes and we are learning, day by day, about the deeper nature of truth.

Despite the confusion within and without, in moments of grace we feel the power and truth of the light. We know that the journey ahead holds much Good for us all.

The ultimate truth of what we are remembering in this lifetime is that the power to create new worlds lies within. This power is not reserved for a select few. It lies within each one of us.

This coming Lunar month is all about connecting with your own power and expanding your visions of possibility in the world. It’s time to show up, own your authority, and claim the creative power you hold to build new worlds.

It’s time to climb the mountain. Let’s do this!


Scroll down for this month’s New Moon Tarot reading.
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New Moon Tarot: January 16 – February 15

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