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Pisces Lunar Update: Following the Light Within

Happy Pisces Lunar Cycle!


I’m happy to connect with you today.

Even though I’m a few days late sending out the New Moon message, the energies of new momentum are still fresh and relevant, and will carry us throughout the coming cycle.

Pisces is arguably the most complex of all the zodiac signs. The energies are vast and expansive. They’re also subtle and hard to describe.

The light of Pisces flows like water, permeating every aspect of creation. Pisces is the energy of spiritual consciousness. It exists beyond the material world  of our five senses. We perceive it intuitively, and through the inner knowing of our hearts.  

In the vastness of its energies, Pisces helps us expand our hearts. In Pisces we learn to hold love for all of humanity. Here we must also learn to stay strong in our own frequencies of light so we don’t get lost in the sea.

Pisces energy includes joy, inner peace, and inspiration for the future. It helps us build strong boundaries by strengthening the power of the light we hold within.

During the coming Lunar cycle as the Sun travels through Pisces, you have the opportunity to expand and grow in confidence, balance and the ability to make decisions for your future based on your own highest good.

Pisces Theme: Self-Determination

The Moon and the Knight of Cups are the two primary tarot cards for Pisces.

Together they help us understand how to connect with these vast energies, so we can fully experience the depth and power of our  Light and remain protected and self-contained as we move through the world.

The Moon represents your path of initiation, as you leave behind the comfort of the familiar, and step into the unknown.

The night referenced here with the Moon represents the deeper wisdom and mysteries of life that are held within the dark and the unseen world.

This is  the world of the inner light, beyond our tangible senses and visible form. The guardian Anubis at the gate of initiation in the foreground represents spiritual protection in times of challenge and uncertainty.  

The Knight of Cups represents new mastery through the strength of your heart and your willingness to leave the safety of what you have known, on your quest for personal joy and fulfillment.

The Knight flies above the earth, showing his commitment to follow his heart’s desire as he transcends the past in quest of his highest purpose and joy.  

Dressed in green the Knight is guided forward by his heart. His outstretched hand reaches for the holy grail. This represents his journey home to Self, shown by the cancer crab in the chalice.  

The New Moon Spread

Knowing the powerful energies of our New Moon astrology, I asked for a spread to help us connect with the power of new momentum in practical, tangible ways.


The first observation is the enormously expansive energy of this spread. It’s filled with optimism and joy as well as inner balance, confidence and trust.


The Fool (lower center) in the position of Mind and Awareness affirms a time of new birth and creative potential. 


The Fool is a master of change and contrast, including challenge and uncertainty. The Fool welcomes it all, with courage and trust. In the position of Mind, the Fool’s green clothing reminds you to make decisions from your heart. This is where you will find your greatest strength and power to create. 


The Four of Swords, Truce (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents your capacity for a calm and balanced approach to life. 


This card shows mastery of the Mind. Truce represents the ability to remain fully balanced in your heart, even during times of conflict or challenge. The four swords represent the four practices of:


  1. Showing up in the present moment;
  2. Paying attention to what has heart and meaning; 
  3. Speaking your truth, without blame or judgment;
  4. Letting Go.
From the Four-Fold-Way we learn that living life to the fullest, means we must show up to do our best AND surrender the outcome.


The Sun (right) in the position of Spirit indicates a new connection to your Spirit and Source energy, including joy, community, and the conscious energies of creation.  


The Chariot (top center) in the position of Something Else to Consider is a powerful affirmation of your ability now to remain self-contained and hold your light as you move forward on your personal path of inspiration and joy.


The Warrior (you) is clothed in gold, representing solar consciousness, your personal ‘armor of light’. Gold is the frequency of your sovereignty, the spiritual boundary that protects you as you travel through the world.  


This is the tarot card for Cancer, the crab on top of the Warrior, which represents coming Home within.  Ultimately home is found within ourselves. (This is why the crab is also found within the holy grail of the Knight of Cups.) 


The Three of Disks, Works (top horizontal) crosses the Chariot, represents what needs to be integrated in order to move forward with security and balance.


This card is about being fully focused and aligned in your effort. Body, mind and spirit are fully engaged in the moment at hand.  This is very practical guidance for remaining balanced and protected as you travel into all of the energies of new creation. 


For more insights into the New Moon astrology and tarot spread, watch the replay of my New Moon Message HERE at Aquarian Age Tarot. Membership on our new site is free and I’d love to connect with you there.

Following the LIght You Hold Within

Together we are remembering what it means to trust our inner knowing and make decisions from our hearts. In this way we leave the world of fear behind.


I love the hidden teaching within the Knight of Cups card, the symbol held within the chalice of the holy grail. As the Knight finally reaches his grail, he finds that his heart’s desire has really been within himself all along.


All of our quests for purpose and fulfillment end in our hearts. Here  we experience the truth of who we are. Here we are home. The grail of safety, fulfillment, peace and joy are here, in the moment, in our hearts. 


Living in your heart means learning to trust your inner knowing. Each time you make a decision from your heart’s wisdom you heal and increase the light you are able to hold. The stronger your light, the stronger your joy. The stronger your joy, the more you are able to expand into the power of your own true Self.  


In this way, the future is being born, day by day, through each of us.


Remember to pay attention to contrast. These are challenging times. Stay neutral, surrender attachment to outcome, and you will transcend old triggers. From this place of neutrality you can access the courage of the Fool.


In neutrality you remain balanced, so you can learn what is new for you here, to realize and experience in the present moment.  Then from the quiet neutral place of your heart’s knowing,  you can choose – for your Self – what is best.  


This is an extraordinary time to be alive. Thank you for all that you are doing for our beautiful world.






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