Pisces New Moon: A Threshold of Fortunate Change

Happy New Moon!

The Pisces New Moon is on Sunday, February 23rd, at 7:32 am PT.

The powerful momentum for positive change that launched our new year continues to build.

Our New Moon in Pisces is both personal and big picture, with an underlying foundation of inner harmony and support that will enable you to align with your own momentum and the positive and fortunate powers of change in your life.

The ongoing acceleration means that it’s important to continue to commit to personal care and daily practices in order to stay balanced and navigate the increasing complexity of life.

The Universe always gives us what we need.

This Lunar cycle can strengthen your sense of inner security, and your ability to connect to authentic joy and your deepest path of Heart. The more you’re able to strengthen your alignment to inner truth, the more you’ll receive the willpower and confidence to commit to your highest path of possibility moving forward.

Threshold of New Opportunity

The Moon” card in tarot represents the zodiac sign of Pisces.

This image shows the gates of initiation that we must each cross whenever we enter into new fields of opportunity and expansion.

The figure of Anubis guards the gates. Anubis is your Helper in times of transition. This signifies that you always have the support you need. Through every phase of challenge and new opportunity your Higher self and spiritual Guides keep you safe and help you navigate the uncharted waters.

In Pisces we learn to trust our path and work with the inner depths of life, beneath the surface of what is seen.

We are each moving into larger worlds and realms of experience. All of the other symbols in this card hold additional messages of spiritual support during these times of unprecedented expansion.

Opportunities with this New Moon include:

  • New levels of trust and connection to deep inner support.
  • Emotional strength and resilience to stay balanced and aligned within.
  • Inspiration and intuition to commit to your visions of larger possibilities for the future.

The key to success will be to connect internally, to use your tools to align within to find your stability and inspiration, rather than being disoriented by what’s happening around you.

New Moon Tarot Spread

The cards in this spread are specific and powerful, validating the truth of the new threshold of opportunity that we are each crossing.

The first card, Knight of Cups, in position of Circumstances happens to also be the personal court card for Pisces. This is a card of deep emotional strength and confidence. It indicates your ability now to fully show up for your personal path of Destiny, following what truly has heart and meaning. (This is symbolized by the Knight confidently reaching for the grail.)

The middle card, the 6 of Swords, Science, in position of Mind is also the card for Aquarian consciousness. This card represents expanded new levels of perception through balanced intuition and intellect, and a new ability to align with the natural harmony and higher order that is present within your circumstances.

The third card, The Star, in the position of Spirit is also the zodiac card for Aquarius. This affirms new levels of connection to your Higher Self and the higher truth of Who you are. You are encouraged now to commit to those daily personal practices that connect you to your Light. In this way you’ll be able to experience the new abilities in your daily life that are represented in the other two cards.

The final (fourth) card in this spread is the 2 of Disks, Change. This affirms your ability now to experience a new level of trust in daily life, knowing that everything is totally on track and unfolding in alignment with larger patterns of harmony.

This New Moon spread is a powerful affirmation of your ability now to bring forward all that you are, to connect in new ways with your Higher Self and your highest path of purpose, and to make good decisions moving forward as you use your intuition and trust your Path of Heart.

You ARE on your path.

We’ve arrived at new threshold of consciousness. Through inner alignment you’ll have access to new levels of emotional strength, courage, and intuitive awareness of the harmony of the structures and patterns of Consciousness that support you.

This is an especially potent time. Trust your feelings of inner order, commit to what inspires you, and be willing to release what is no longer relevant. Together we are paving the path toward a new future. Trust the momentum and  welcome the learning along the way. There are great things in store.



New Moon Message: Feb.23 – Mar. 24

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