Pisces New Moon: A Turning Point for Humanity

Happy New Moon!

Our Pisces New Moon brings an enormous concentration of powerful energies.


Every New Moon is an opportunity for a new beginning, and the concentrated rebirth of this New Moon goes beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before.


Pisces energy is vast and pervasive, connecting us to the wisdom of all of life. Like the depth of the ocean, Pisces takes you deep into the depths of your own Being and your connection to all of humanity and the wisdom of life.


Because the energies of Pisces are so vast and pervasive it can be challenging to connect with them directly, especially now because they are also introducing entirely new frequencies of consciousness. 


Pisces consciousness needs time and space in order to expand, unfold and integrate. There is a LOT going on with this New Moon. I recommend taking time to let these messages settle, so you can explore them in your own ways over the coming Lunar month. 


The more we can each be present to our own experience, the more we have the potential to expand and contribute to a new direction in our world. 


Pisces Theme: The Gates of Initiation

The personal theme of the Pisces New Moon is your ability to expand into new qualities of courage, will power, inspiration, and your commitment to your true Self and your larger purpose in life.


Pisces is the last of the twelve zodiac signs. It gathers and unifies all that has gone before. Here we experience the mysteries of life beyond our understanding.


The Moon card in tarot represents Pisces.  The image in the card pictures the gates of initiation that we must each cross in order to step into the unknown and the larger life that awaits. 


In Pisces we must face our fears. The guardians at the gate represent Anubis, who is the helper of travelers and all those in times of transition. The image of Anubis reminds you that, once you commit to your path, you always have the spiritual support you need.


The journey can be filled with challenge. Pisces energy is vast, deep and mysterious. It takes us beyond personal limitations into larger fields of connection and union with all of life.


This is a time to feel deeply. It’s a time to honor your emotions and look for the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of things. Like the Sun just beneath the horizon in the image of the card, hope is real and dawn returns. New realizations and new revelations await.


Optimism, Courage and Faith

The Wheel of Fortune and the Hanged Man represent Jupiter and Neptune, which are important in the New Moon astrology. Both cards hold important teachings about transcending fear and uncertainty during times of change.


The Wheel of Fortune represents Jupiter, which is conjunct the New Moon. Jupiter is exalted in Pisces, and its energies are amplifying the New Moon energies. 


Jupiter is opening your awareness to new connections to abundance, Cosmic wisdom and order. When you are truly connected to Life, the experience of blessing is real. 


The Hanged Man represents Neptune which is also currently in Pisces. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces, and supports your ability to transcend all types of limitation, by placing your trust in the wisdom and guidance of your higher Self. 

In the coming Lunar month and beyond you have new access to the courage and willpower you need to transcend all forms of fear. You are able to see through veils of illusion, confusion and distortion. 


In this way you can move beyond misplaced perceptions and fear-based programming, in order to step into a new expanded view of your purpose and place in the world. 



A Turning Point for Humanity

The unusual power of the New Moon is held within the extraordinary direct conjunction of Pluto, Mars and Venus, which are all at 28° Capricorn. 


This rare conjunction is activating the shift to a new reality in our world. Working with the related tarot cards can help to connect to the big energies of this conjunction.


The Aeon (Judgment, left) represents Pluto. As the final planet of our solar system Pluto activates total transformation. Pluto brings everything to light, which is why it’s also associated with shadow and disruption.


The Aeon card represents awakened consciousness. It pictures us stepping into our true sovereignty. As we each take our place of balance and clear perception, we help bring in the Golden Age of humanity.


The Tower (center) represents Mars. Mars is the planet of action and the divine masculine. Mars helps us cultivate personal courage and will power so we can make good decisions and face our fears in times of challenge and change.


The Empress (right) represents Venus and the divine feminine. Venus connects us to the strength and wisdom of our hearts, so we can live in alignment with our emotional truth and what we truly value.


The rare marriage of these three planets during this potent New Moon signals nothing less than a turning point for humanity, filled with cosmic energies of joy and blessing. Since the conjunction is in Capricorn (Earth) these energies of blessing can be grounded and manifest for all.


The New Moon Spread
March 2 - 31, 2022

Knowing the incredible opportunity of this New Moon I approached the ritual of pulling the Planetary Spread with enormous curiosity.  This was one of the times when the cards practically flew from the deck, indicating clear alignment with our request for support.


The overall message of the spread is one of immense blessing and the clear affirmation of a new beginning and new birth for us all.


Art (Temperance, bottom center) in the position of Mind affirms the powerful blessings that are held within this New Moon.


The figure in this card represents you as the Alchemist of your life. In alignment with your Higher Self you are engaged in conscious creation.


The animals in the front of the card on either side of the golden cauldron represent the alchemy of water and fire. These elements are directly expressed by the two cards on either side, Cups and Wands. Both are Princesses, representing new approaches to life through inner courage and will. 


The Princess of Cups (left) is in the position of Body and Circumstances. She is filled with the bliss of freedom, and she represents a new emotional capacity to live in appreciation, trust and love.


You are reminded here to tend to your emotions. Pay attention to your frequency and use your will to look for the good in all things. Appreciation multiplies. This card also reminds you to share your appreciation and your experiences of well being with others. 


The Princess of Wands (right) in the position of Spirit represents a new quality of will power and fierce determination to face your fears and transcend them. The Princess is filled with the exhilaration of unlimited potential. In this position you are also reminded to ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed, uncertain or afraid.  Your angels and guides are here to support you.


The final two cards at the top of the spread signal what is being integrated. 


The Ten of Wands, Oppression (middle center) appeared reversed. This card represents intense energy, so the reversal signals a release of intensity and oppression. The energies of change in our lives are certainly intense, but the reversal means that you have learned to let these intense energies of creation flow so they no longer need overwhelm you.


Like the Princess of Wands, you have learned to work with intensity. You grab the tiger by the tail and you rise with the fire of inspiration. As you embrace the process, the fiery intensity of the 10 of Wands becomes alchemized in the cauldron of the Art card, and the energy is integrated into the seeds of new creation.


The Universe (The World, top center) is the final card of the spread. This card represents self realization and affirms the new birth of this time. The figure of the woman is emerging from the portal of the birth canal, fully actualized and empowered. 


The Universe is the final card in the tarot deck, signifying the end of a process and the beginning of a new cycle of creation. Through our collective challenges of growth and alchemy, we are emerging as new Beings and together as a new Humanity


This spread beautifully expresses how the Cosmic energies have come together now to offer hope, inspiration, and a sustainable direction forward for freedom to occur in our world.


We are ready now to take our place as citizens of the Universe.



We Stand on Holy Ground

The coming days and weeks are a time to daily reaffirm your commitment to your path of purpose and your devotion to your true Self.


The New Moon astrology promises extraordinary contrast, both challenge and blessing, in the days ahead. Use your will to take your attention away from all forms of distraction and fear-based narratives of reality.


Trust the light you hold within. Each moment is a precious gift. Find your stability in the present and anchor there.


I’m inspired to share these words by Paul Foster Case, who speaks here of Pisces and the Divine presence that resides within all of creation.


“The presence of the Divine is the inner cause of every form,
and to those who have eyes to see,
wherever a person may place their foot is holy ground.”

When we align with inner truth we come to realize that we are each and always in the right place at the right time.


In the days to come may you experience the light of the Divine within your own circumstances of creation, and may you find peace and blessing and joy in your place of holy ground.


Commit to your inner truth,  face the changes unafraid, and trust your higher Self to guide you forward.


Much Love,


Opportunities and Events

  • New Moon Astrology. To see the New Moon astrology chart and gain more insights into this life-changing time, see Steven Shroyer’s astrology article, A New Beginning and Direction for Humanity, Pisces New Moon Astrology. I’ve had the privilege of working with Steven on these articles for the past ten years, and working with this message has been perhaps the most inspiring. We are, indeed, at a new beginning.
  • Introduction to Dowsing Retreat. This retreat will give you new tools and practices for dialoguing with your Higher Self and the wisdom of the Universe. This retreat is intentionally timed to take advantage of the new potentials of this Lunar cycle. There are still a couple of spots remaining. Check out the logistics and contact me right away if you’re interested. Logistics and Registration HERE. 
  • Personal Energy Sessions. I’m very happy to be opening my schedule for two weeks each month for personal energy work and/or astrology readings. These private sessions are a great way to personally connect with your Higher Self and receive healing, guidance and insights for your path forward. More information and scheduling HERE.

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