Pluto and the Great Awakening: This is REAL

I’m connecting today to announce two very special April events. Each one is focusing on the incredible opportunities of Pluto’s movement into Aquarius.


This is a life-changing time. The new frequencies are more powerful than we can even imagine and I’m inspired to help you connect personally with the amazing opportunities that are available now.


The more we can consciously connect with these energies of transformation the more we will be able to generate new momentum, healing and joy – both for ourselves and for the planet.


As many of you know, an inspired small group is the perfect place to amplify your own connection to the new potentials. The group who gathered earlier this year for the Aquarian Age Tarot weekend was blown away by the paradigm shifts they experienced. Things are even more potent now.


I’m incredibly eager to gather with you, and together step into powerful New Creation. The time is now!


Look over these events and, if you feel inspired, reserve your spot.


I’ll see you there:)



Upcoming Events

Aquarian Age Tarot: Tools for Awakening Revealed. 
April 15-16.

  • Day One: Aquarian Age Tarot.
  • Day Two: Pluto and a Time of New Creation.
  • All levels welcome. Single-day options available.

Pluto in Aquarius: The Great Awakening.
Sunday, April 23rd.

  • Use your natal chart to directly access Pluto’s creative power in your own life.
  • Learn the part of life that holds personal limitation and release the hidden power.
  • Receive a personal astrology reading connected with your natal chart.

Reach out if you have any questions at all. I’m inspired to share these opportunities with you. And here are links to our recent messages about Pluto and Aquarius, in case you missed them.

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