Reminder: Lunar Journals Ship Today!

The 2020 Lunar Manifesting Journals are here and they’re fantastic!

We picked them up from the printer yesterday. We picked them up from the printer yesterday, and sent them out into the world. There are still a few copies left, so if you haven’t yet ordered yours you still have time.

Order your Lunar Journal today and move forward into 2020 with the power of the Moon in your daily life.

The updated Lunar Journal is now published as a full year edition, including:

  • Nearly 400 pages, with sturdy binding for ease of use.
  • Detailed lunar calendars, including day and time for each Lunar phase this year.
  • Information on zodiac energies for each New Moon and Full Moon.
  • Clear guidelines for how to manifest with each phase of the Lunar cycle.
  • Templates for oracle spreads for each New Moon, as well as the phases of each Lunar cycle.
  • A rich appendix with additional resources, including astrology, qabalah and tarot.

The Lunar Journal page on our website has also been updated with images of the inner pages to give you a sense of just how powerful this personal manifesting program is.

Order your Lunar Journal today and launch your New Year with an infusion of clarity, abundance and real-life practical magic.

Here’s to a year of well being for us all,


PS – The Journal even has a place to record the New Moon and Full Moon tarot spreads that I offer each month so you can work more personally with the energies that are offered in those readings.




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