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The Lifting of the Veil

Happy Full Moon!


I’m inspired to connect with you today during a potent time of illumination and revelation in our beautiful world.

The veil is lifting! We can feel it. Through the power of expanding frequencies, we’re strengthening our multidimensional abilities, seeing through distortion and getting our memories back. The more we trust our hearts the more we access the direct knowledge of who we are, including the hidden history of our world.

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramids of Giza pictured here are known as important planetary holders of these mysteries. It so happens that your direct connection to this knowledge is being activated by the Full Moon at 14° Sagittarius. (See our Full Moon astrology article for more details.)
ttarius. (See our Full Moon astrology article for more details.)

Sagittarius Theme: The Power to Create Your Life

The Art card pictured here represents the Sagittarius Full Moon, and beautifully expresses the spiritual potentials available to us now.

On the Tree of Life, Art (Temperance) represents the most direct path across the Veil.

This is where we learn to focus within and leave behind all illusions of limitation. Here we connect directly with the full knowledge of the Universe and our true potential as creators in this world.

This realization of your unlimited potential to create is available to you, here and now.  

In practical ways you have access to new perceptions and insights about the true nature of reality. Through the wisdom of your heart you have the strength, inspiration, creativity, and willpower you need to move forward in the direction of your dreams.

The Lifting of the Veil

There’s much more to share about the powerful ways that our Full Moon is supporting your expanding perceptions of reality.

Follow the links below to learn more, including ways to understand how to strengthen your developing abilities and awareness.

The shift is real!

Follow Your Joy

On a personal note, I’m inspired to share the new iris that has been blooming in my garden for the past couple of weeks.


Isn’t she beautiful?!


Spending time in my garden is one of my favorite ways to nurture my joy.


Every time you or I take an action that follows our joy, we nourish our heart and amplify our power to create.


What will YOU do today to nurture your joy? 


Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.


And now, I  am following my inspiration and heading out the garden.
I’ll be in touch again soon with more updates.


Have a beautiful day.
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