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Sagittarius New Moon: New Opportunities Emerge!

Happy New Moon!


I’m always inspired to connect with you at the New Moon, and that is especially true today. We are currently experiencing a period of enormous growth and expansion. This is true for each of us personally as well as for our entire world. 


To help support the next phase of our expansion, the energies of our Sagittarius New Moon are bringing you a new dose of inspiration and inner awareness, filled with opportunities for positive change.


The energies of change are enormous. For many of us the eclipse energies of the past month were challenging. As many of you have realized, the challenges themselves were opportunities. Unexpected triggers were activated and in the process limiting patterns were revealed.


This was all for the purpose of receiving new insight and understanding so we could make new choices and let go of the past. Now, out the other side, we have a chance to integrate what we’ve learned and take everything to the next level.

Sagittarius Theme: New Opportunities Emerge

The Art card of tarot represents Sagittarius. This beautiful image depicts you as the alchemist of your life.


The other traditional title for this card is “Temperance,” referring to the tempering of consciousness. In much the same way that steel is tempered with pressure and heat, so you, too, are learning to use the intensity of your life circumstances to develop and refine your consciousness.


The figure in the image represents you in alignment with your Inner Being, your higher Self. She mixes fire and water, representing the integration of your Will with your Love. She has bicolored arms because she works with both the shadow and the light. The golden cauldron symbolizes her consciousness. 


The golden orphic egg in the background represents your highest destiny through your union with your Spirit and true Self. 


This is a card of opportunity and blessing, and it perfectly expresses the energies of our New Moon.  Making “Art” with your life is why you are here. The more you are able to connect within, the more you will experience these underlying processes of life, and the more you will receive new infusions of inspiration, creativity and joy. 

The New Moon Spread

Knowing the potentials for positive opportunity, I asked for a spread to offer practical guidance to help us align with the many blessings that are available at this time.


The presence of TWO Aces very much affirms the new wave of cosmic potential, including new creations (Ace of Disks) and new emotional fulfillment (Ace of Cups).


The Ace of Disks (bottom center) in the position of Mind and Awareness indicates your awareness of new opportunity. Disks are the suit of physicality, indicating that new creation is on the way.  This echoes the message of the Six of Disks that appeared in the same position two weeks ago. (See Taurus Lunar Eclipse: The Freedom of Living in the Light.)


The new opportunities indicated here exist now in your consciousness (Mind and Awareness). You are encouraged to go within, choose optimism, focus on the positive, and trust your inner knowing. This is how we give birth to new creation.


The Queen of Disks (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents you, especially your ability to be grounded and fully present in your life.  

The Queen has left the barren past behind. She moves forward, grounded in the earth, filled with strong vitality, and confident in the abundance that the future holds. 


In this spread the Queen encourages you to ground into the blessings of the present moment. Focus on your inner knowing and your ability to choose what is true and good for yourself.  This will enable you to release old habits, thoughts and patterns that limit your freedom and sense of well being.


The Ace of Cups (right) in the position of Spirit indicates a new experience of blessing through a heart-felt connection to your true Spirit, your Inner Being, Higher Self. 


This card also appeared two weeks ago in our eclipse spread. It affirms your ability to open your heart and fully connect with your own true Self. In this way you experience inner guidance, trust and inspiration, and are available to receive the blessings that are on the way.


The Knight of Wands (top center) is a big affirmation of the enormous opportunities of this New Moon.


The Knight of Wands is the court card for Sagittarius. He represents your ability now to face forward with courage and confidence. Like you, he is riding the powerful momentum of new creation that is available, fueled by authentic vision, inspiration and desire.


As a final note, the Knight’s forward momentum is supported by the grounded stability of the Queen. 

Envision the Highest and Best

The fire of the Sagittarius Moon is fueling your creativity and offering inspiration to move forward in new ways.


In the days to come new opportunities will abound, especially for those who are able to align their awareness with the underlying subtle energies of creation that exist in every moment.


Things are changing fast. Those forms that are unsustainable are dismantling before our eyes. What is being born exists within our consciousness.


It is more important than ever to be mindful of your point of focus. Go within. Choose to look for the best. Allow these experiences and feelings to be the ones you amplify.


Make decisions from what inspires you. Let go of what feels out of alignment, heavy or restrictive. The more you are able to choose joy in the moment, the more you align with the momentum of new creation. In this way, together, we contribute to the healing of our world. 


For those of you gathering this week for Thanksgiving with family and friends, I wish you a blessed holiday. May we together celebrate the blessings of this life with gratitude for the earth that is our home, and may we together affirm our confidence in the beautiful future we are creating for our children and the generations to come.





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