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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Inspired Collaborations

Happy New Moon!


The Scorpio New Moon and solar eclipse is bringing to you a new potential to expand, especially through your relationships of cooperation and collaboration with others.


Scorpio is the zodiac sign of emotional power and personal transformation. Scorpio energy takes us deep into the roots of our human connections so we can expand beyond our personal limits into larger fields of creative possibility.


This opportunity for new creation is available in your personal life as well as for humanity as a whole.

Scorpio Theme: Inspired Collaboration

The Prince of Cups is the tarot card for Scorpio. He is the lover of life and warrior of the heart. He moves forward in life with the courage to be authentic and share himself fully with others.


This card represents your ability now to experience the courage to live from your heart’s wisdom. By showing up to be authentically yourself you can experience new connections, including new creative expansion through inspired collaboration with others.


This is a time to strengthen your connection to the guidance of your heart. Be willing to let go of the past, including habits of thought and ideas of right and wrong. By surrendering expectations you can feel what is authentically true for you in the present moment.


In this way you can step into new levels of ease and harmony as you explore new opportunities with others. By connecting authentically and sharing your visions for the future, you will experience new possibilities and creations. 


The Eclipse Factor: Releasing the Past

As a solar eclipse obscures the Sun, it brings to light what has been hidden. Working intentionally with the shadow during an eclipse cycle can help us move to the next level in life, by integrating what has previously been hidden from sight.


Scorpio rules our emotional power and our connections to others. Scorpio challenges us to transcend our fears, including past disappointments, in order to expand into a greater field of support.

This is a time to pay attention to emotional triggers as they arise, including old patterns of disappointment, regret, resentment and fear of loss.  


Avoid carrying forward and recreating stories from the past. If you can surrender the need to act from these low frequency emotions, and move to your heart, you can expand your awareness and make a new choice.


Remember, when and if things come up for you, that eclipses hold the opportunity to heal patterns from the past. In this way you can allow new creation to unfold.

The New Moon Spread

Knowing the creative potential of this New Moon, I asked for a spread to offer practical advice so we can each connect with the new momentum of the coming days.


The immediate powerful synchronicity is the appearance of both the Prince and Princess of Cups. Together they emphasize the new activation of emotional freedom, especially through  the wisdom of your heart.


The Princess of Cups (lower center) in the position of Mind and Awareness represents a new experience of emotional freedom. This is the card of inner bliss and natural happiness. The Princess is connected to her body and lives in the moment. You are encouraged to cultivate your heart awareness. Seek your frequency of inner joy and make decisions from this place of knowing. 


The Four of Swords, Truce (left) in the position of Body represents a new ability to come to balance with your circumstances and relationships.  This equanimity with life is in the moment. It comes through awareness and presence.


The four swords in this card represent four practices that help you find balance with all the circumstances in your life. These four practices are:

  1. Show Up.
  2. Pay Attention to what has Heart and Meaning.
  3. Speak the Truth without Blame or Judgment.
  4. Release Attachment to Outcome. 

In every situation, you can find your inner balance by tending to these four practices. The reminder of the Prince and Princess in the spread is to always do so from your heart. 


The Prince of Cups (right) in the position of Spirit affirms your ability to move forward relying on the guidance of your heart. In this position you are also reminded to ask for help when you are feeling uncertain or triggered by difficult emotions. 


The Sun (top center) in the position of What is Being Integrated represents new realization of the truth of who we are. This is the experience of solar consciousness  and illuminated awareness. In practical ways, this card represents partnership and  co-creation through community and inspired relationships. It’s a beautiful affirmation of the overall message of this lunar cycle. 


Moving Forward, Together

Amidst these times of change, this Scorpio New Moon holds a positive message of new opportunity, especially through your connection to the deeper energies of life that unite us all.


The changes around us are evidence of the birth of the New Age of humanity. The birth is real. We are transcending eons of rule by fear as together we give birth to a world ruled by the power of love.


This process is day by day. We each have a unique role to play. By paying attention to what has heart and meaning for you, committing to your inspiration, and showing up to connect authentically with others you help to pave the way to our future.


The strength of your inspired will and the power of your loving relationships will carry you forward as you navigate all forms of change in the days to come. May you experience inspiration, empowerment and new connections on your path of joyful purpose.





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