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Scorpio New Moon: New Healing through Emotional Power

Happy New Moon!

Our Scorpio New Moon is bringing new energies of inspiration and creativity, as well as a new ability to find emotional balance and empowerment in the midst of intensity and change.

We are at an important point of opportunity within the cycle of this powerful year of transformation.

The year of transformation was formally activated with the Capricorn Lunar eclipse and Pluto-Saturn conjunction in early January, 2020.

These historic conjunctions in Capricorn are the culmination of a 500-year cycle of social structures. As this cycle concludes the power of Pluto facilitates the transformation of whatever systems aren’t sustainable, including outdated structures of authority and control. This is happening in order to allow for transformation and the creation of new, more empowering systems that are aligned with individual well-being and greater good.

It’s important to realize that the structural upheaval we are experiencing is a part of a larger cycle of growth, geared toward personal empowerment, freedom and justice. The current trends of change are necessary in order to enable the Aquarian energies to fully manifest.

What’s happening now as we step into the final months of this year-long cycle is the opportunity for each of us to integrate our learning and healing at a deeper level. This is all in preparation for new creations to come.

This process of integration will continue through the coming three Lunar cycles, culminating with the Capricorn New Moon on January 12.

With our current Scorpio New Moon you can now begin to more fully integrate your emotional power by learning to express yourself authentically in healthy ways.

The tools and principles offered within our New Moon tarot spread give very practical ways to maintain your balance and emotional equilibrium in the coming days, in order to connect with inspiration and creativity for your journey forward.

Please watch the video message that follows for more details and tools.
There is much love and great good in store for us all.
With Love,

PS – For additional insights see Steven Shroyer’s astrology article: The Tightrope Walker’s Dilemma – Scorpio New Moon Astrology.

New Moon Message: Nov 14 – Dec 14

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