Solar Eclipse Message: Transformation from Within

Happy Solar Eclipse!

The Cancer New Moon and Solar Eclipse occurs Thursday, July 12, at 7:48 pm PDT.

This month’s solar eclipse amplifies the power of the Cancer New Moon and creates a unique opportunity to move forward in your life.

A solar eclipse occurs when the New Moon passes across the Sun, producing a physical shadow that momentarily interrupts the flow of light to our world. This eclipse shadow creates a significant activation of the shadow within your own consciousness, marking a very real opportunity for positive change.

On the most practical level, when we speak of the “shadow” we are referring to whatever has been hidden or buried beneath the surface of awareness, including the parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable. and those things we don’t want to claim.

The shadow includes all forms of limiting beliefs, habits and paradigms that keep you from expanding into the full truth of who you are.

This Eclipse has the power to bring real and tangible transformation to your life by bringing your personal shadow into visible relief so that you’re no longer bound by these limitations.

Coming Home to Yourself

The Chariot in tarot represents the Cancer New Moon.

The Chariot is all about your ability to be fully at home with yourself, fully at home in the world, and fully engaged in your life, while living from a strong clear heart.

This eclipse will help you:

    • Connect with what inspires you so you can move forward on your path of highest purpose. (The yellow brick road.)
    • Have stronger boundaries so you can feel fully safe and protected while still fully connected to others. (The golden armor);
    • Be more grounded and truly feel at home in the world. (The four supportive pillars of the chariot.)
    • And most importantly, stay emotionally balanced and centered, especially in the midst of change  and external uncertainty. (The Warrior in the lotus position holding the spinning wheel of fortune).

Everything this coming month is lining up to enable you to release the limitations that restrict your freedom and personal potential. This isn’t an isolationist impulse. This Eclipse is about activating your inspiration and desire to step fully into excellence and success, moving toward new creative and fulfilling possibilities in your life.

The Power of Transformation

There are powerful signatures in this particular eclipse that signal the opportunity for deep and transformative change. The most significant and rare astrological aspect is the fact that Pluto is directly opposed to the Eclipse.

This exact opposition brings fully into relief the polarities and paradox we experience every day between our individual needs (Cancer) and our responsibilities and desires to be of service to others (Capricorn).

Pluto is the planet of total transformation. In this position in Capricorn it’s activating the opportunity to leave behind all forms and structures that limit  your freedom and restrict your highest good.

How this is expressed will be unique to each person, but the common thread is the opportunity to make decisions based on inner truth rather than old definitions of limitation, misplaced responsibility, and obedience to external power structures.

The key is that YOU get to define what success and excellence mean on your own terms.

The eclipse shadow will be highlighting those patterns that you have outgrown and are no longer willing to carry. The underlying drive is toward personal brilliance, including the ways that we can work together to create new social structures that better serve us all.

For those who work with astrology, I recommend that you locate 21 degrees Cancer in your natal chart. The theme of this house will give you insights into the part of life that the eclipse will be activating. This can help you recognize some of the creative opportunities available, as well as shadow triggers and habits that will be up for review.

Above all, this month is about committing to yourself and your authentic path of heart. When you commit to your personal path, showing up for what has heart and meaning for you, you simultaneously increase your ability to show up for the world. It’s all part of the same picture.

This eclipse holds some complex energies and I invite you to listen to the intuitive reading that follows for more practical insights. As always I also recommend Steven Shroyer’s astrology article The Shadow Eclipse in Cancer for additional clarity.

Happy Eclipse and Blessings on Your Journey,


Eclipse Tarot Reading July 12 – August 11

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