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“What will you do with this one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver

Here's what people are saying about their experience in
the Alchemy School.


The Alchemy Program was just the foundation I needed to make big and positive changes in my life. Before we started I felt like every solid thing in my life was shifting beneath my feet – my marriage, health, financial well-being, career, and creativity. I prayed for clarity and ease. Now I actually have these things.  I really don’t know where I’d be without this program and the Alchemy School. – C.G.
In the Alchemy Program I learned practical intuitive tools that have added strength and depth to my life. I am calmer and stronger now, and I have a foundation for decision making when I’m unclear how to proceed. The gift of this program has been priceless. I can’t imagine where I’d be without it.
– S.J.
Alchemy School has taught me how to create the life that I desire. I have learned to trust my intuition and inner guidance and I feel more present and confident in my life. The supportive group is also an important part of bringing my creative dreams into the world. As a result of all this I have made big changes and started on my new life path as a healer. – D.L.
My relationship with the challenges in my life has completely changed. I used to be limited by my habits of stress, but I know now that everything happens for a reason and I don’t spiral down any more – at least not for very long! Now I know to look for the lessons and opportunities. I know that challenges and uncomfortable experiences are simply creative access points to tell me that something important is going on. – M.H.
Life is so much easier since I learned to understand synchronicity. I know now that the Universe is calling me forward. Synchronicities are everywhere, like arrows pointing the way. Life is more fun now, both for me and for my family. My children and husband love this new perspective. – N.C.
Alchemy School has improved all of my relationships, especially as a parent. I’ve learned how to see my own brilliance and the brilliance of others. I’ve learned to honor my children and partner for who they are, to release attachment to things being a certain way, and instead step into appreciation and magnify the positive that’s already there. Life is so much easier and more rewarding, with many more opportunities than existed before. – M.H.
I joined The Alchemy Program looking for a change in the way I earn my living. I also wanted to feel more connected to my spiritual center. Right away I experienced improvements to my health and well being, and as the year unfolded I developed a sense of inner balance. Now I have better health and more energy and I’ve learned to remain calm in times of uncertainty. By the end of the year my goals were complete: I have a wonderful new job, and I truly feel that I have the keys I need to experience joy and freedom and manifest the life of my dreams! – B.N.
I have a different perspective now on how the world works. Before Alchemy School, my connection to a higher power – Source, God, whatever you want to call it – was nonexistent. Now my connection is always present, giving me comfort and peace and creating space where there used to be worry and fear. I no longer feel alone in the world and I know that if I go within and ask for help I will get it. – L.R.

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