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Taurus Full Moon: Realizing the Power of Love

The Taurus Full Moon occurred on Wednesday, Oct. 24th at 9:45 AM PDT.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

This passage by Rumi is a beautiful summary of the power of our Taurus Full Moon. Taurus is all about living in the Light and through your Light connecting to the Beauty of this world.

Taurus is represented by the Hierophant card in tarot. A Hierophant was a spiritual teacher in ancient times. In modern language the Hierophant is known as the “Healer and Teacher.” The simplest way to summarize the rich symbology of this card is to say that the Hierophant helps you learn how to live fully in the Light, and thus experience all of the wealth and health and Beauty that this world holds.

Our Taurus Full Moon is super-charged to enable you to take your life to another level through new insights and realizations, and new, stronger connections to others.

A significant aspect of this Full Moon is the illumination of contrasting perspectives. This illumination will help you access new insights and new points of view, perhaps beyond what you’ve ever seen before. The key is to be willing to release your old ideas of “reality” in order to see something new.

The other key to this Full Moon is to stay present in your heart. Your ability to feel deeply will help you surrender to something larger, including your ability to reach out and receive support through your relationships.

As I explain in the video message, the super-charged quality of Full Moon realization is amplified this month by the presence of two significant planets: Uranus, which is paired with the Moon, and Venus, which is paired with the Sun. Uranus with the Moon is helping you access new insights and intuitive realizations. Venus with the Sun is helping you surrender to the power of your heart.

The outcome of this process is strengthening your connections to others, especially those who are aligned with you moving forward in your life.

This is a powerful time to strengthen your tools of personal practice. One of our favorite practices in Mystery School is called the  “Four Fold Way:”

  • Show Up to the present moment. This is the practice of your inner Warrior. (“Always do your best.”)
  • Pay Attention to what holds heart and meaning. This is the practice of your inner Healer. (“Don’t take things personally.”)
  • Speak the Truth without blame or judgment. This is the practice of your inner Visionary (Seer). (“Be impeccable with your word.”)
  • Release Attachment to outcome. This is the practice of your inner Guide (Sage). (“Don’t make assumptions.”)

There are treasures in store. Especially for those of us who are willing to show up to the adventure of the unexpected. After all, this leading edge of creation is all about Adventure!

Remember, “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” From the perspective of your heart there are no mistakes, only new opportunities to learn.

Happy Full Moon,


PS – My Full Moon video message (below) gives practical insights to help you maximize the opportunities of the coming two weeks. You can also learn more in Steven Shroyer’s Full Moon astrology article.

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Taurus Full Moon: Oct. 24 – Nov. 7

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