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Taurus Lunar Eclipse: Rebirth is REAL

Happy Eclipse Season!


It’s been a while since I’ve written a Lunar message, and I’m happy and inspired to be connecting with you today.


We are in a huge time of change, and we’re each being called to dive deep in order to rise to the occasion.


Along these lines of inner calling, Guidance urged me a few weeks ago to step back from extra responsibilities so I could fully focus on my inner work, as well as the work of the groups in this year’s Mystery School programs.  


I’m emerging from that retreat now, renewed and recharged, and enormously happy to connect with you at this amazing time.


Eclipse Theme: Renewal and Rebirth

Last week’s Lunar eclipse opened a powerful portal with the opportunity for rebirth and transformation.


These energies are designed to help you perceive your world in new ways, so you can expand beyond all unnecessary limitation. 


Limitation comes in many forms. Some limits are helpful and provide structure for your life. Many limits, however, are rooted in fear-based thinking, designed to keep you small. They restrict your ability to trust your inner guidance and experience true health and well being.


This eclipse will challenge you to pay attention to all of your perceptions and beliefs about all types of limits in your life, whether physical, emotional, mental, cultural, or spiritual.


With new-found clarity and courage, you’ll have the opportunity to expand beyond the misperceptions and limitations that restrict your growth and are no longer in alignment with your true purpose and highest path forward. 


The eclipse portal will be active through the coming weeks, until December 18th. The new perceptions that you practice now, day by day, will anchor deep within and create lasting change.


Taurus Theme: Inner Authority

The Hierophant is the tarot card for the Taurus eclipse. The word ‘Hierophant’ is an ancient name for a spiritual wisdom teacher.


At the personal level this card represents your connection to your inner Teacher, and the unfailing wisdom and guidance that you hold within.


This lifetime is about remembering Who you truly are. The symbols in this image hold many profound spiritual teachings about what it means to be fully human.


Through these teachings we learn how to heal. We learn how to experience the power and beauty of our bodies, how to fully love ourselves and each other, and how to love the body of the Earth. 


During the weeks of this eclipse portal set the intention to make a new connection to the spiritual authority of your inner Teacher. This is the One who leads you forward, the One who guides you on your path of purpose, the One who helps you learn to fully inhabit your life, healthy and whole. 


The Courage to Live without Fear

There are two additional tarot cards associated with the Taurus eclipse that can help you further understand the unique potentials of this time.


The Prince of Disks represents a new infusion of confidence, with the ability to fully show up for whatever challenges lie in your path. 


The Prince is your inner warrior. You have new power, vitality and courage to face your fears. You no longer need to be limited by old habits or perceptions that have held you back in the past.


The Seven of Disks, Failure, is a very important card. It represents our internal fears of failure, based on past experience and learned behaviors. 


The disks in the card represent the seeds of new birth, growing in the dark beneath the visible surface of the soil.


This card reminds us that the seeds of change are here, now. They lie within. These seeds are real. When fear arises you’re encouraged to remember not to give your power away.


Fear wears many faces, including resistance, stress, worry, grief, judgment, blame and guilt. All of these emotions are indicators of misalignment and separation from your inner guidance. We have been programmed that these states are ‘normal.’ As a result, we often interpret our reality in these states and make decisions from these perspectives of fear and limitation.


This eclipse holds the opportunity for healing, through new discernment and insight into all forms of limiting (fear-based) ideas and beliefs that have shaped your reality about who you are and what is possible in your life. Once recognized, these limits need hold you no more. 


The Eclipse Spread

Knowing the unusual and powerful opportunities of the coming days, I asked for a tarot spread with practical advice to help us rise to the occasion and experience the rebirth that is available.


The Six of Disks, Success in the position of Mind (bottom center) represents new awareness of well being and the blessings of new  creation. 


This card represents the tangible experience of authentic blessing, with a new ability to trust and live from the Light of your inner truth.


New creation always exists in the realm of Mind before it appears in physical form. This certainty will enable you to perceive the higher good within all of your circumstances and relationships.


The Ace of Cups in the position of Body (left) affirms the message of blessing and the reality of new birth, especially through your ability to live with an open heart.


The natural frequency of your heart is joy. Use your breath to move from fear and return to your heart. Appreciation and gratitude practices will help you stay in alignment with the new frequencies.


The Princess of Swords in the position of Spirit (right) represents new realizations about the nature of reality. The Princess uses the sword of Truth to move forward from her heart, trusting intuition to guide her.


The altar behind her turns to dust, as she rises beyond the limitations of old paradigms and leaves the past behind. 


In the position of Spirit, this encourages you to trust the process of your expansion.  Remember to ask for help as you face the challenges of the new, expanding beyond limitation into new perceptions of possibility.


The Nine of Swords, Strength in the position of Something Else to Consider (upper center) affirms the emergence of new qualities of wisdom, empowerment, and personal authority.


The vertical column in the card represents the importance of committing to your daily practices of self care and inner alignment.


It’s your commitment to inner alignment that will activate the other qualities of blessing and new birth that are affirmed in the spread.


New Birth is Real

This is a tender time.


Eclipses are by their very nature designed to challenge us. In this way they facilitate quantum growth and healing.


This eclipse portal will be open until December 16th when the Moon returns to 28 Taurus. The seeds you plant now will change your life as they germinate, take root and flower in the weeks and months to come.


This eclipse unfolding will be unique for each person. Hold curiosity as you experience the joys and challenges that emerge.


Your Higher Self will offer the signs and synchronicities you need along the way. Every step of unfolding is designed to call your attention to new awareness of your freedom to choose, with new courage and inspiration to face your fears and leave the past behind. 


Pay attention, listen to your guidance, hold space for resistance and fear when it emerges, and use your tools to return to center. Be patient and kind with yourself and others. In this way you will be able to follow your heart, step by step, as your life unfolds.


Thank you for all of the Light you are bringing to the world. May this week be a time of blessing and healing for us all.





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