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Taurus Lunar Eclipse: The Freedom of Living in the Light

Happy Lunar Eclipse!


Our Taurus Full Moon and lunar eclipse is activating the awareness of new potential and the opportunity for positive lasting change.


A lunar eclipse opens a portal of quantum potential that transcends our normal perceptions of time and space. This activation enables rapid change and new momentum, especially if we are able to align with the flow. 


This eclipse is extraordinary in its potential, especially because of a very rare direct conjunction with Uranus. Uranus activates our consciousness with new possibilities directly aligned with freedom and expanded growth.


This eclipse is also occurring on the day of an important election in the U.S., signifying new opportunities for structural change throughout our world.


There is enormous potential for positive change within these energies. This message today is intended to help you focus your awareness on the new momentum that is available to you now. 

Taurus Theme: Living in the Light

The Hierophant is the tarot card for Taurus. A Hierophant was the name for a wisdom teacher in the ancient world. The figure in the card represents you through the wisdom of your Inner Being, and the keys to life that you carry within.


Taurus is a fixed earth sign, related to all aspects of material well being and embodiment.


All of the symbols in the card remind us that we come from the Light. We are here to anchor our light into our physical bodies so we may experience and express the beauty of this world. 


As the card expresses, the power of Love is the key that opens your pathway forward.

New Momentum Moving Forward

The Fool in tarot represents the eclipse conjunction with Uranus, the planet of expansion, creative change and freedom.


Uranus rules Aquarius and the consciousness of the Aquarian Age.  With Uranus conjunct the eclipse, the Taurus portal is activated with high frequencies of light that are now coming directly to our world. 


In this image, the Fool is emerging from a portal of new potential. He is fearless and totally open to new possibility. His emerald green suit signifies his strong heart and his trust in the wisdom of Life to carry him forward. 


As the Fool illustrates, this is a time to let go of fear and release attachment to the past. Open wide to your inspiration for the future. Expect change and do your best to embrace the unknown. The wisdom of your strong heart will guide you forward. 

The Eclipse Reading

As I prepared to pull cards for this spread, I meditated on the archetypes of the Hierophant and Fool (described above).


I imagined these energies working together to give us a new, transcendent connection to the truth of who we are, with the ability to let go of the past in order to see clearly what we need to know in the present moment. 


With the potential for change, I also asked for guidance in making internal adjustments in order to remain aligned during external triggers or unexpected events. 


I asked for a spread that would offer strategic and practical guidance to everyone receiving this message.



The Six of Disks, Success is in the position of Mind and Awareness.


This represents an experience of blessing and trust. The image shows the Sun’s light surrounded by the visible planets of our solar system, indicating that it is the light of our consciousness that gives birth to the material world. 


This is a time to place your focus on what you choose to create. Trust in your the assurance of the unseen and the conviction of your inner knowing. 


As another important synchronicity, this card represents the Moon in Taurus. As the literal card for the eclipse, there is a direct affirmation of the importance now of placing your focus on what you choose to create, and allowing yourself to receive new inspiration for the future.



The Ace of Cups is in the position of Body and Circumstances.


This indicates a new tangible felt experience of love and emotional fulfillment. The column of light in the card represents the light of new awareness that is traveling directly to your heart from the eclipse activation, enabling you to experience new levels of trust and support.


You are in touch now with your authentic emotions through your heart’s wisdom. You can clearly see and feel the ways we are all connected. You hold new compassion and understanding for what is revealed through the beauty of the shadows and the light.



Lust / Strength is in the position of Spirit.


This represents a new depth of connection to your own true Spirit and inner light. The word ‘lust’ refers to Lustre and the golden light of your authentic creative power.  This card is about expanding into our own radiance by facing fear and owning our light.


You have learned to face your fears, and can now see clearly both the shadow and the light. As Beauty raises her lit torch of creative fire, so you, too, offer your own unique flame of creative inspiration to the world.


The traditional name for this card is Strength, indicating the inner strength you possess to own your light and face your fears. In this position of Spirit you are reminded to ask for help and call on your Spirit for support.



The Star is in the position of What is Being Integrated.


This represents you and your expansion into illuminated awareness. As an additional synchronicity, this is the tarot card for Aquarius and Aquarian consciousness, which is specifically being activated during this eclipse cycle. 


In this position in the spread, the Star affirms that you are receiving new frequencies of your own light, with new awareness of your path and your ability to offer your light to others.

Your Heart Knows the Way

An eclipse always brings change, and with the Uranus conjunction to this lunar eclipse, change is guaranteed.


The past is over. The combined momentum of this eclipse with the recent solar eclipse of two weeks ago brings to light what we need to see. Both what we choose to claim and what can no longer be sustained.


In the days to come, expect the unexpected and trust your heart to guide you. There is new awareness and new ability to experience creative potentials emerging. This process happens at multiple levels, both in small ordinary ways in your daily life, as well as through the larger systemic changes we are experiencing throughout the world.  


What is most inspiring now is to fully realize your true connection to the light. We are powerful beyond what we have known. Indeed, WE are the creators of our world. We have created what already exists, and we are free now, in this moment, to create something new. 


Each moment is a new beginning. The more you are able to go within and place your awareness in your heart, the more you will connect with your true Self and the frequency of inspiration will guide you forward.


Our future begins in this moment. Even in moments of change or uncertainty, cultivate appreciation, curiosity and neutrality. Move to your heart and ask your inner Teacher “What can I see here? What can I learn?”


Within your heart you will find your thread of inspiration and eagerness. These frequencies indicate your connection to new momentum and new opportunity. They are in contrast to heavier habits of thought and responsibility tied to limitation, resistance and fear. These lower frequencies indicate the creations of the past no longer in alignment with where you’re going.


Life is moving forward. Our future is brilliant beyond measure. Go within and trust your heart to show the way. 


Much Love,



PS – There is much more to say about this extraordinary eclipse! If you’re feeling curious and inspired I highly recommend the following astrology article, which adds more details and description to what I’ve offered here. 


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