Taurus New Moon: The Treasure of True Worth

Happy New Moon!


Our Taurus New Moon offers you a unique opportunity to connect directly to the beauty of your true essence and the inner foundation of your inherent worth and value.


This new connection to your true worth is not a superficial quality.


True worth goes to the very depths of your identity, to a new understanding of who you truly are as a spiritual being in the world.


By connecting with the momentum of this new Lunar cycle you have the chance to transcend limiting beliefs and unnecessary restrictions you have placed upon yourself.


In doing so you can more fully experience the treasure of your true nature and come to a new sense of authority and worthiness in your life.

New Moon Theme: Inner Worth

The Hierophant in tarot symbolizes the zodiac energies of Taurus, which are all about health and well being in the physical world.


The term ‘Hierophant’ is an ancient word referring to a wisdom teacher and priest who explored and revealed the sacred mysteries of life. 


The symbols within this card reveal many important teachings about the healing power of love and what it means to become fully human.


This represents you now, connecting to these mysteries for yourself.


Taurus is an Earth sign. In Taurus being human is about learning to experience the full vitality of love and beauty that you experience within your body, in Nature, and all the blessings of life.


Living in Beauty and Truth

Several of the symbols in the Hierophant card are directly related to the transforming power of our current New Moon.


At the center of the card is the Star, and within the star is a child with arms outstretched. This child represents you, through your inner self and the purity of your true nature.


Know today that you are worthy beyond what you have ever imagined. You are worthy as a child is worthy, not for anything you ‘do’ but simply by the pure nature of your Being.


The more you learn to claim your true worth, represented by the star, the more you are available to receive the healing power of new life and new love that is available to you in every moment.


There are two additional symbols worth mentioning.


The Hierophant holds a large Key with three intertwined circles,  This is known as a triquetra. It’s an ancient symbol of Oneness, representing the unity of life and the power of Love to heal, 


Taurus is an Earth sign, supporting full embodiment, health and vitality. The key says that you will find within all that you seek. You hold all the secrets of life and well being within the wisdom of your body and your own strong heart. 


The Priestess in the root of the figure holds the sword of truth. This reminds us that the highest truth is Love. Love is your true grounding force and point of balance. Remember that this love resides within. You can always call on the inner power of love when you need to return to alignment.


Above all, this New Moon is an invitation to remember and return to the treasure house of your inner Being. You are worthy beyond measure and you can trust in the power of love and light to sustain you.


The New Moon Spread

Knowing the potential for transformation with our Taurus New Moon, I asked for a message that would offer practical encouragement and inspiration for each person receiving this message.


The Adjustment card (center top) in the position of Mind and Awareness speaks to a new awareness of your ability to align from within. The Priestess here is balancing on the very same sword that appears in root of the Hierophant card. You can trust your quest for inner truth and balance. Remember that your authority and search for truth lies within.


The Six of Disks, Success, (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances indicates a new ability to experience the blessings held within all circumstances. This card teaches us that the experience of true success begins with inner knowing and the feeling of personal alignment with the highest and best.


This is a card of optimism and inner trust. No longer do you need to align your sense of well being with outer standards, or the data of what has already occurred. You are living in the inspiration of what is being created. Your sense of worth comes from within, and you choose to see the good in yourself and others.


The Two of Disks, Change, (right) in the position of Spirit represents the balanced and dynamic harmony that exists in all of the processes of life. This card says that you are learning to surrender fear of change so you can experience the joy of living in flow throughout all of the processes of change in your Life.


In the position of Spirit, this is also a reminder to ask for help and support whenever you’re feeling worry or uncertainty. This is a new ability that you’re developing so be gentle and kind with yourself. It’s very likely that this new quality of inner balance will require you to rely on spiritual support this coming cycle.


Finally, the Knight of Cups (center bottom) appears in the position of an Added Factor to Consider. The Knight of Cups affirms the opportunity now to experience new levels of love and fulfillment in your life.


You have been to the depths and now you rise, fueled by inspiration, confidence and courage. You have found the meaning of the Grail and your true heart’s desire. You know now to the depths of your being that it has been here within you all along.



Our Taurus New Moon brings a message of blessing and fulfillment. This is the fulfillment of feeling your true worth, including the transformation of unnecessary limitations that no longer need to bind your sense of success or worthiness.


You are worthy by the authority you hold within. There is nothing to prove, nothing to justify, and no test to pass.


Your true purpose is simply to BE. You came for these times. You are here to live in the truth of your own light and then evoke that Light in all you see.


Thank you for all of the Light you are bringing to our beautiful world.
Happy New Moon.




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