Taurus New Moon: Tending to the Garden of Your Life

Happy New Moon!


The zodiac sign of Taurus connects us to the wisdom of Nature and the beauty and abundance of the physical world.


With our Taurus New Moon you are called to connect within, to the deep intelligence of your soul and the wisdom of your body. Here you will connect with the voice of your soul, so you can be guided by what is most true and beautiful in your life. 


Because the New Moon comes with a Solar eclipse, you can expect the coming Lunar cycle to hold the unexpected. Solar eclipses activate the shadow and reveal what is hidden beneath the surface of things.


The more you can connect now to the wisdom of your body, the more you will experience support and momentum through the intelligent wisdom of life. In Taurus we are reminded of the power of Love to heal all. 

Taurus Theme: The Healing Power of Love

The Hierophant in tarot represents the Taurus New Moon.


The Hierophant is your inner Teacher. This is the wise One within who guides you through the physical circumstances of daily life. 


Taurus is about embodiment, so these are practical energies. In Taurus we learn what it means to bring our spirits into our physical bodies.


Ruled by Venus, Taurus teaches us how to love. Here we experience the beauty of life and learn to be guided by the wisdom we hold within.


In his right hand the Teacher holds a key, symbolizing the triune nature of life, and union of body, mind and spirit. His left hand points to the Earth, reminding us that the secrets of life are revealed here, in the light beneath all that we see.  He is grounded within by the sword of Truth, anchored by the divine Mother who gives life to us all.


This is a time when you can ask for new connections to the loving wisdom of your Teachers and Guides, especially through your deep inner knowing and willingness to cultivate love in your daily life.

Solar Eclipse: Expect the Unexpected

A solar eclipse interrupts the normal channels of awareness in order to trigger larger processes of change.  


During a solar eclipse, the Sun’s light is temporarily blocked by the Moon. When this happens what has been hidden beneath the surface is revealed. This is why we say that an eclipse reveals the shadow. 


These activations happen within our consciousness, both personally as well as for the collective. They unfold over time. The revelations may not be apparent at first. What matters now is to set the intention to be available for new insights and new awareness as it unfolds in the days to come.

Uranus Activations

This eclipse carries an extra dose of intensity through a conjunction with Uranus. Uranus is functioning as a trigger for the eclipse. It will help to activate change through unexpected events, jolts of insight and flashes of awareness.


When Uranus is at work in your life, what is most important is to be grounded, available and present in the moment. In this way the unexpected can give rise to curiosity rather than fear. When you’re aligned to your inner Teacher, then you have access in every moment to the messages and guidance held within. 


You can expect in the days to come that the shadow of fear in all of its forms will be revealed. Be curious and you’ll see the light that is held beneath the surface of things. This is the wisdom that will guide you forward.

The New Moon Spread

Our New Moon tarot spread affirms the abundance of well being that is available to you now and in the coming days. 


The cards shown here hold many synchronicities in alignment with the New Moon astrology chart. 


Working together, the messages in this spread express the importance of living in trust and committing to your personal path of abundant well being and love.


Art/Temperance (lower center) in the position of Mind and Awareness indicates your ability now to fully show up for your circumstances. You are becoming the Alchemist of your life. You have transcended fear and know how to be present so you can engage in the Art of living.


The Knight of Cups (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances shows your ability to live fully in your heart, trusting in Life, and committed to your highest path of purpose. This expresses new abilities to be fully present to the highest potential in each moment. (Astrologically, this expresses the activations of the Jupiter/Venus conjunction in Pisces.)


The Six of Disks, Success (right) in the position of Spirit affirms new awareness of the underlying consciousness that precedes all physical creation. This card represents the Light that is held beneath the surface of things. This is a high level manifesting card, showing that you know how to work with consciousness in order to bring creation to form. (Astrologically, this is also the tarot card for the 11° Taurus New Moon, a huge synchronicity.)


The Seven of Disks, Failure (top center) in the position of “Something Else to Consider” holds important teachings for this Lunar cycle.


This card follows the Six of Disks, Success. The word ‘failure’ represents fears of things not working out during times of new creation.


The seven disks pictured here are like seeds, buried beneath the soil. Just because we can’t see them germinate, doesn’t mean that the new life isn’t growing. This is a time to trust and work with what lies beneath the surface.


The Lovers (top horizontal) represents what is being integrated through the Seven of Disks process. 


This card encourages you to hold curiosity and eagerness to learn as you explore the circumstances of your life. In the Lovers we learn that all forms of contrast are opportunities for new discovery. 


(Astrologically, this represents the activations of Mercury at 1° Gemini in the New Moon astrology chart. )


These final two cards of the spread hold key teachings for the current cycle.


  • Be patient!
  • Trust the processes of life and allow things to unfold in their own time.
  • Cultivate curiosity. Don’t allow fear to sabotage your momentum. 

Tending Your Garden of Life

This Lunar cycle holds enormous potential for personal growth and well being.


The Sabian archetype for the New Moon sheds some light. The symbol for 11° Taurus is “A woman watering flowers in her garden.” 


This represents the step by step processes of cultivating the garden of your life with love and devotion. 


This is a time to focus on what you choose to nurture and tend to within your own life circumstances. By paying attention to what matters most, and cultivating with care and loving kindness, you will naturally step into alignment with the new momentum of creation. 


Change is inevitable. In the days to come you will find power in the tangible focus of the present moment. Listen to the wisdom you hold within. Look for the light beneath the surface appearance of things and you will experience new depths of awareness and new love to sustain you.


Happy New Moon,



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