Taurus New Moon

Happy New Moon!

The Taurus New Moon is on Saturday, May 4th at 3:46 pm PDT.

Our New Moon at 15° Taurus is directly aligned with one of four key power points in the year. (The other power points are at 15° Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.) As such, this New Moon is directly harnessing a signature of power and purpose so that we can each connect directly with new power in our own lives.

This New Moon will enable you to connect with new qualities of courage and determination and the willpower to fully show up to whatever the moment holds.

The Earth is currently in a period of rapid growth and change. Times of rapid growth, such as these, can feel disconcerting. There is an intensity now that amplifies all experiences. We’re feeling things deeply. This intensity is designed to help us expand, so we can move and flow with the momentum of acceleration.

As part of this rapid flow of change you may be facing challenges or crises that have triggered patterns of fear, worry, or confusion. Equally, you may be experiencing feelings of freedom and new possibilities and the sense of real breakthrough that lies just around the corner.

And very likely, on a daily basis, you are experiencing the full spectrum of both!

Know that these waves of contrast are normal, extending from exhilaration and eagerness on one hand, to the extremes of fear, doubt and uncertainty on the other. In the center lies calm awareness, and the peaceful certainty that All is Well.

Being human means experiencing this full range of emotions. This is one of the key teachings of the Hierophant, which is the tarot card for the Taurus New Moon. This is how we learn, how we grow, and how we heal. The intention as we grow spiritually is to learn to feel fully, and then release judgment of good or bad so we can move back to center and inner balance.

Remember, too, that you are never alone. We are all connected. Not only are we a human family here on Earth, we’re also members of a great Galactic community. We are all growing and evolving together and each of us has a unique and significant role to play. (This is another teaching of the Hierophant.)

The following New Moon video message shares some specifics about the unique nature of this New Moon, and how you can show up to harness the energies of new potential in your own life. You can also see Steven Shroyer’s New Moon astrology article for more insight.

Blessings on the Journey,


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Taurus New Moon Message: May 4 – June 3

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