The Alchemy Leadership Program

Personal Empowerment for Meaningful Change

The Alchemy Leadership Program integrates the very best of what the Mystery School has to offer. This program offers advanced tools and practical strategies to enable you to overcome limitations, access new opportunity, and build momentum toward your intentions and dreams.


This high-level program is designed for those who have participated in at least two years of Mystery School.  Together we will bring forward the best of who we are, and amplify the extraordinary potentials of this time of creation.

Keys to Contribution

You came into this world with something unique to offer. This program is all about connecting YOU with your personal gifts and abilities, and a clear vision of your soul’s calling. 


The year is organized around the four key leadership qualities of Creativity, Knowledge, Willpower and Love.





You already possess these four qualities. With refinement, each one has the potential to become a superpower. The Alchemy Leadership Program will help you better understand and develop your unique signatures of Creativity, Knowledge, Willpower, and Love so that you can step more fully into your highest path of purpose and joy.

The Alchemy Leadership Program


This advanced program is open to all those who have completed at least two years of Mystery School studies.


The 2022 Program Includes:

  • Monthly In-Person Retreats.
  • Group Circles (via Zoom).
  • Group Q&A (via Zoom).
  • 1-on-1 Personal Energy Sessions.
  • Daily Distance Energy Work.
  • Contact Elizabeth to learn more and to register.

Program Elements

The Seven Steps of Unfoldment

The program is organized around a powerful spiritual system known as the “Seven Steps of Unfoldment.” This system aligns with sacred wisdom teachings that refer to seven spiritual thresholds of initiation that lead to Awakening. 


Your personal journey through these steps of initiation can be accessed through a method that integrates energy medicine, astrology, and tarot within the Tree of Life.


Each month you will receive the personal codes and attunements related to one of these Steps of Awakening. The exploration of these codes within the unique aspects of the current year will enable us to access new healing tools and insights never before taught in the Mystery School.


Your Unique Leadership Signature

A key aspect of this program is the revelation of your personal “Leadership Signature.” This personal signature is unique to you and is derived from a complex pattern that is embedded within your natal chart.


In your March energy session you’ll learn about this signature and your unique leadership qualities. Over the course of the program you’ll dive deep into the exploration of your unique qualities of Leadership. These new strategies and insights will open new qualities of ease, empowerment and inspiration.


Throughout the program you’ll also receive other advanced astrology readings and techniques to help you unlock your unique potentials for success and fulfillment in this lifetime.


Pathwork on the Tree of Life

Throughout all aspects of this year’s program you will have the opportunity to integrate the principles you’ve learned from our previous years of exploration.


This will be a year to bring your spiritual work, personal tools, and wisdom teachings into your life in practical ways. As part of your personal journey, each month you’ll have the opportunity to choose at least one of the Tree of Life paths related to the current theme of initiation.  This immersion will support your journey as well as the journey of the group.


The Four Great Powers of the Sphinx

The Sphinx is known as the Altar of the World. It holds teachings that remind us of our true power and destiny in this world. Since ancient times these wisdom teachings have been expressed through the Four Great Powers of the Sphinx: “To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Be Silent.”


In Mystery School we explore these Great Powers of the Sphinx through many practices, including the Four-Fold Way, the Four Agreements, the four Directions and the Cross of Dharma.

The Powers of the Sphinx are also reflected in the four Leadership qualities of Creativity, Knowledge, Willpower and Love.  This is the year to experience, embody and express these natural abilities, as they come to life within you.


Reading the World as Your Mirror

Tending your physical environment will be a priority during the coming year. This will be important in order to support your personal growth and development.


In this year’s program you’ll learn some new and advanced Feng Shui tools and practices, with guidance in how to apply them. These practices will include clearing techniques to release energies of the past and enable your space to best support you as you step into the future.


You will also learn ways to intuitively “read” your environment, using skills you have developed with previous Mystery School practices. This will be fun!


Energy Medicine and Daily Practice

Physical and emotional health will be highlighted during 2022.


In order to support our physical and emotional bodies as they adapt to environmental changes, we must continually upgrade and refine our daily practices of health and well being.


This year you’ll receive new insights and refinements of existing tools to help you nourish your body through this time of Great Change. You’ll also learn new tools and techniques that you can offer others through your path in the world.


The Power of Relationship

In numerology 2022 is a SIX year (2+2+2=6). Six is the number of harmony through integration and the unity of consciousness. In geometry Six is expressed through the flower of life and the merkaba. In tarot this quality of healthy relationship is symbolized by the Lovers (VI). 


To be effective leaders we must have healthy relationship fields. This is especially important now, when our world is immersed in change. Throughout the program you will learn new tools and skills that enable you to step into a new level of health and healing in ALL of the relationships and circumstances of your life.

Daily Distance Energy Work

The power of your daily personal practices will be amplified by a group distance energy session performed each morning.


Every day holds the opportunity for a new beginning. This daily energy session will be designed to connect directly with the support of the Sun in order to infuse the group container with the new energies of inspiration and vitality that are available with the rising Sun.


You also have the option, at any time, to request additional support for specific needs for yourself and/or loved ones.


The Significance of Group Support

This will be a year of unprecedented opportunities and unexpected challenges. Your ability to enjoy the journey and rise to the occasion is amplified immeasurably when shared with a group of intentional companions. 

The time of humanity’s Awakening is NOW and you have something unique and important to contribute.  In this year’s program you will experience new levels of support as you take the next steps forward in your divine purpose. 



Bonus Offerings

Personal Astrology Readings

The insights from  the following astrology readings will provide invaluable keys to your life, and enable you to personalize this program at a very high level.  These readings will be integrated into our workshops and circles. You’ll also be able to explore the specifics within your personal energy sessions each month. 


  • Your Personal Leadership Signature. This advanced Astrological reading of your natal chart is completely unique to this program. Your Leadership Signature helps you better understand yourself and your personal mission in this life time. Over the course of the program you will experience the practical ways to express your paths of Wisdom, Creativity, Power and Heart.
  • The Progressed ChartYour Spiritual Path in 2022. You’ll receive a reading of your Progressed Natal Chart which will offer insight into underlying spiritual energies that are supporting you in the coming year.
  • Your Cross of Dharma. The Who, What, Why and How of your life. Insights from your natal Cross of Dharma will continue to unfold through the year. (Received in the 2019 Foundational Alchemy Program. Those from prior years who didn’t receive this reading will have the option of scheduling an additional session for their Cross of Dharma report.)


  • Monthly Workshops meet March – Nov. on the 2nd Sat. of each month. Location: Seattle Sound Temple. Hours: 9:30 am – 5 pm. 
  • Evening Circle meets once a month over Zoom. 
  • Monthly Q & A meets monthly for discussion of key ideas. 
  • Personal Energy Sessions enable you to work in direct collaboration with your Guides and Higher Self.  Nine sessions, 1 per month, scheduled at your convenience.
  • Daily Distance Energy Work provides ongoing support.


The Alchemy Leadership Program is open to those who have completed at least two years of Mystery School studies,  including:



  • The Foundational Alchemy Program (Yr. 1)
  • The Tree of Life Program (Yr. 2)

Contact Elizabeth for more information and to apply to the program.

This Group Program is Limited to 9 People. Reserve Your Space Today!

The opportunities of this time are unprecedented. Join the 2022 Leadership Program, and together we'll move beyond what we've ever imagined possible. The time is NOW. Let's DO this!

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