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The Year of the Pig: The Freedom in What IS

Happy Year of the Pig!

These first days of the 2019 Earth Pig are filled with a combination of feelings of new future adventure and the immediacy of the practical details at hand. At first glance this could seem contradictory, however in these first days of the new year it’s all about juggling these two different perspectives.

This is a time to show up in a practical way to whatever needs to happen in the present moment. At the same time we need to be mindful of what’s calling us forward. If we’re able to remember what inspires us, we can focus on the task at hand without getting lost in the details.

The new Year of the Pig holds special frequencies of freedom, prosperity, and health. Whatever you do in the present moment – no matter the actual circumstances – can help you connect with the momentum of what is coming this year. This is true no matter how mundane or ordinary the present moment seems, As counter-intuitive as it may seem, this is especially true if the present moment doesn’t apparently hold an experience of prosperity or physical health…(!)

As a personal example of holding onto Big Picture perspective, I am being challenged today because I’m dealing with an uncomfortable cold virus. This could easily be disappointing because it’s super inconvenient timing (in terms of my personal plans for today). It could also be frustrating since I am normally able to move through viruses in a day or two and this virus and I are in day SEVEN of our dance together.

Despite not feeling at my best, and needing to adjust my expectations for the day, when I align within and shift into big-picture perspective, I intuitively feel that everything is completely on track. From inner alignment I’m able to connect with my intentions for health, and make adjustments that are enabling me to feel good about my choices today. One key to working with inner alignment this way is that you don’t need to figure it out! You just need to trust and do your best to choose the next step of action.

There’s my story for today. Whatever your personal circumstances, I invite you to take a breath, find your connection within, align with feelings of trust and appreciation, and then take the next practical step at hand.

I’m excited to share more details about the exciting potentials of the coming year in next week’s YEAR OF THE PIG TALK.  Reserve your ticket today. We’re going to have a great conversation.

Best Wishes for a Amazing New Year of Adventure, Freedom, and Prosperous Well Being,


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Intuitive Reading for The Year of the Pig

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