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The Power of Positive Focus

Happy New Moon!


The recent Leo New Moon offers you the opportunity to harness the positive focus and inner strength you need to face any challenge in your life with optimism, inspiration and courage.


With the frequencies available to you today you have the opportunity to connect firmly to your inner strength and the healing power of nature to create what you envision from the wisdom of your heart.


Leo energy is filled with passion and vitality. It offers us the ability to live life to the fullest. By focusing deep within, on the fiery power of your inner strength, you can combat all types of resistance, fatigue, confusion and fear.


This is a time to experience new qualities of inner commitment and self-confidence, especially by connecting within and then freely expressing what authentically inspires you.

Leo Theme: The Power of Your Inner Flame

Lust is the major arcana card for Leo. The image in this card beautifully expresses the transforming power of the inner flame of your creative Spirit. In traditional decks this card is known as “Strength.” The word Lust is short for “Luster”, referring to the powerful golden radiance of your inner light.


The figures in the card remind us of the story of Beauty and the Beast. As Beauty faces her fears she and the lion (her inner strength) transform into fiery gold. Together they heal and prepare to rise from the shadows of the past.


Above all else, Leo is about letting your light shine. This is a time to hold nothing back. As you nourish the fire and vitality of your inner flame, you give yourself permission to fully express your unique creative power without reserve.


In this way you can face your fears, rise above them with love, and live fully in the power of the present moment.

The New Moon Spread

This spread beautifully expresses the vast depths of creative power that are available to you now.

The Hanged Man (bottom center) in the position of “Mind and Awareness” represents the opportunity for new perspectives. The Hanged Man is suspended in the ankh, symbolizing eternal life and surrender to the guidance of your Spirit.


The image shows how new perspectives and insights become possible when we let go of reliance on the past and what we have been taught to see.


The Empress (left) in the position of “Body and Circumstances” encourages you to remain in the power and authority of your heart.  The Empress represents your ability to embody your Spirit and live from the loving wisdom of your heart. 


The Universe (right) in the position of “Spirit” affirms the process of transformation and new birth in which you are engaged. The figure emerging from the portal, a type of birth canal,  represents you and your connection to your Spirit during this challenging and inspiring time of creation.


The Three of Wands, Virtue (top center) in the position of “What is Being Integrated” affirms the importance of holding fast to your inner truth and your connection to your true self.


Virtue represents your commitment and your ability now to focus on the positive and stay in your heart.


There is MUCH more to say here!  These four cards have a unique connection that further expresses the powerful message of liberation and healing that’s offered here. 


Choose Your Point of Focus

One of the superpowers of Leo is the power of choice, and the ability to focus on what you prefer rather than what you don’t want. What you focus on is what you create. By focusing on the positive choice in the moment you can unite your Spirit with the wisdom of your body.


This process of intentionally choosing to connect with our Spirit releases our bondage to fear. The mysteries of the dark shadows we hold within are revealed. When we bring them to light, the shadows of our fear hold no power. This is true alchemy: to offer the healing power of Love to our inner wounds. 


Everything in life is connected. By transforming our own wounds we contribute to the healing of our world. From love we can hold compassion for ourselves and others, and take empowered actions that contribute to healing for us all. 


Strong emotions are your indicator of the frequency from which you are creating. Positive emotions such as joy, curiosity, and excitement indicate connection to your Spirit. Negative emotions are always – always! – indicators of some form of interference. These can stem from thoughts, beliefs, outside influences or the activations of lineage patterns held within your DNA. 


Whatever the cause, you have the willpower and courage you need to recognize the trigger, reconnect with your Spirit,  and face whatever wound the negative emotions have triggered. Stories from the past don’t matter. Honor your fear by observing with love, and hold space to heal the wound.  


 This is an ideal time to set the intention to strengthen your habits of positive focus, as you follow your inspiration and explore new ways to express yourself in the world.


You might ask yourself…


  • What inspires me? How can I better nourish my own unique inner fire of creativity?
  • What am I afraid of? Are there parts of myself, large or small, that I’m not yet willing or able to claim?
  • How would it feel to go big? To fully express the truth of who I am, my authentic essence and inspiration, without holding back?

These opportunities are coming at the perfect time. We all – myself included – need the encouragement to remember our power to create from within, and return again and again to the wisdom and light of our Spirits. 


This is how we heal ourselves and our beautiful world.


Much Love,


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