Upcoming Events at the Dendera Institute and the Alchemy School

We are looking forward to a rich year of programs and events.

What's New in 2023

We're immersed right now in development of our exciting new programs for the coming year.

More descriptions will be here soon. In the meantime, please explore the following opportunities:

Recapping 2022

One-on-One Private Sessions

 For the first time in several years, Elizabeth will be available each month for private one-on-one personal energy sessions.

Both in-person and distance (phone) sessions are available.  These sessions are designed to help you strengthen your connection to inner guidance, release limiting patterns, and receive clarity about next steps forward so you can up-level your life to the new opportunities that lie ahead.

Schedule a Personal Sessions HERE.


Weekend Workshops

We are blessed this year to be using the Seattle Sound Temple for our in-person gatherings.


Fall workshops will be announced soon. Contact Elizabeth to request early notice on your topics of interest.


Ongoing Programs

The 2022 Alchemy Leadership Study Group launched March 13. This year’s ongoing study group is exploring principles of health and healing through the alchemy of Energy Medicine, Chakras, personal Astrology and the Tree of Life.

Enrollment is now OPEN for the 2023 Foundational Alchemy Program

The next Foundational Alchemy Program launches in March of 2023. This is our premier program, designed to connect you fully to your creative life of joy and purpose.  Contact Elizabeth to request an interview.

Recapping 2021 at the Alchemy School

2021 began with a move.

After four years at our beloved site in Edmonds, WA, it was time for our hosts to use the space we’d been renting for their expanding family.  So with grateful hearts we packed up and said goodbye to our space, curious about next steps for another home. 


Before finding our next location, we were blessed with the opportunity to use the beautiful environment at the Seattle Sound Temple for our 2021 Tree of Life program. 


Eight students completed the 10-month Tree of Life program, and another group of five graduates gathered monthly for an advanced study group. 

Recapping 2020 at the Alchemy School

2020 was a life-changing year for us all.

Despite the unexpected challenges of the year, two groups completed the Year 1 Foundational Alchemy Program, one group located in Seattle, WA and one in Whitefish, MT.  (The images here are from our Montana program.)

Seven students also received their Level III Reiki Master certification through Alchemy Reiki Training. We also offered two Oracle Wisdom Retreats and launched the new Daily GOLD program



There are many wonderful plans in the works for the future. We are inspired to be part of the evolution of our world. Stay tuned for more updates.

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