Virgo Full Moon

Happy Full Moon!


Our Virgo Full Moon brings a potency of personal confidence, clarity and self-realization. 

There is a concentrated quality of individual mastery to this Moon. It’s infused with Virgo’s practical capacity to reason and make good decisions from a place of inner knowing.

Through these qualities of clear sight and personal commitment to self, this Full Moon will help you see through distortion so you can take practical steps forward toward your dreams for the future.

Virgo Theme: Clear Sight

The Hermit is the tarot card for the Virgo Full Moon. 

The abstract figure in this image depicts our wisdom teacher Thoth. He represents you and your connection to the wise Teacher who resides within and guides you forward on your path.

The Hermit’s lantern holds the Sun. This shows your ability to trust the guidance of your inner Light to illuminate your decisions and your steps forward.

The three-headed dog is Cerberus, who once guarded the gates of hell. He now dances by your side. This represents your liberation from fear, and your freedom from all forms of distortion.

You are no longer held captive by the shadows of regret from the past, or fears of the future. You can see clearly and you are fully present in the moment to make good choices from your own free will.

This Full Moon represents a new conquest of all forms of illusion and shadow so you can more easily live in in alignment with the guidance, focus and practical clarity of your higher Self. 

The Full Moon Spread

We once again have an enormously potent astrology chart. Knowing the intensity and the potentials of this time, I asked for a spread to offer practical guidance for the coming days.

The Prince of Wands (lower center) in the position of Mind indicates an activation of personal willpower, with a new ability to make decisions that are aligned with your personal creativity and intuition.

The Prince of Wands is a warrior of the Spirit and the will. He represents Leo, the most powerful personal sign of the zodiac.

In the zodiac Leo comes before Virgo and sets the scene for Virgo’s personal awakening. The Solar power that fuels the Prince’s chariot now becomes the inner Sun of the lantern that lights the Hermit’s path.

The Prince of Wands at the Full Moon indicates a new infusion of willpower, courage and creative inspiration so you can see clearly to make decisions that are in alignment with your highest and best. 

The past is over. 

The Four of Wands, Completion (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances represents the ability now to integrate and align with all of your circumstances.

The Wands represent your will. In this card they form a wheel. The wheel is turning, representing your ability to let go of past structures and forms. You are no longer bound by whatever is unnecessary or out of alignment with your forward path.

The astrology of this card is Venus in Aries. This is a time to approach your circumstances with a strong heart and commitment to what you value (Venus). Set the intention to see beyond illusion, and look for the truth with courage and faith (Aries).

This card very much echoes the momentum of the Prince of Wands. The past IS over, indeed.

The Queen of Disks (right) in the position of Spirit holds the grounding force for the momentum of the first two cards.

In this position she represents very clear support from your higher Self.

She encourages you to trust and strengthen your connection to your inner guidance system. This will help you sort through confusion and distortion in the world around you, so you can make good decisions as you move forward.

This Queen has appeared several times in our planetary spreads over the past several months.  She represents Capricorn, and all of the necessary changes in the structures of our world.

We are living through enormous challenge. In the image on the card the Queen has left behind the barren past, and is creating a new, verdant world for herself and others.

In practical terms this card encourages you to give extra attention now to self care. Nourish your body as the temple of your spirit. 

The Queen reminds you that you carry mastery within. This is the time for each of us as individuals to shine and step forward. Together, as inspired individuals, we create new experiences and new creations for humanity.

The Hermit (top, center) in the position of Something Else to Consider affirms the potency of what is currently being activated.

As the card for the Virgo Full Moon, The Hermit affirms the very real opportunity you have now to make a new connection to your inner Guide. And, through your inner Guide, your ability to transcend habits of fear and confusion and make good practical decisions for yourself. 

Virgo’s practicality is the complement to Pisces’ capacity to dream. With the Sun in the final degrees of Pisces, the Virgo Moon is helping you focus on the necessary details of life.

The shadow of Pisces is distortion and illusion. Our world is in the throes of a vast system of deception and disinformation. 

The Hermit in this position says that you – and we together – have come to a new place of awakening. You have the capacity now to see through illusion and distortion. Ask to see what you need to see. Use your will and your curiosity (Prince of Wands) to look beyond what you have seen before. Your Virgo practical mind will help you discern what makes sense.

Because of the strength of this spread I was guided to pull an additional card. 

The Ace of Disks (middle horizontal) is “crossing” the Hermit. This represents a new quality of life that is being integrated throughout our spread.  

The disks represent the Earth element, so the Ace of Disks affirms the blessings of new creation.

The challenge with the Aces is that the creation hasn’t yet manifested in physical material form. It exists energetically. It is being cultivated within the grids and templates all around us.

What’s important to remember when the Ace of Disks appears, is that the seeds are already real and present, just not yet seen externally.

In the context of this spread, this card now encourages you to cultivate trust in your connection to your higher Self (the Hermit and Queen of Disks).

Living in Trust

Virgo energy is grounded and practical. Its qualities of spiritual mastery are rooted in the ability to focus and discern what is truly good and beautiful within the present moment.

With each Lunar cycle we move step by step into the new era. 

As you move forward today, and in the days to come, cultivate your inner Sun and your connection to the still, small voice within.  

Always remember to look for the blessing in the present moment, and trust it is there, even in the midst of challenge or uncertainty.

When we learn to trust our higher Self, we can approach every challenge as a new opportunity for learning (Virgo). In this way we can transcend the perception of being trapped in our circumstances. As we move beyond illusion, we no longer need to live within in the limiting programs that have kept humanity captive in this world for so long.

This ability to trust your inner Teacher and see what you need to see in the present moment is the primary opportunity of this Full Moon. It brings us to another step forward on our path of Awakening.

Happy Full Moon,



Upcoming Opportunities

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