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Welcoming Taurus (Pt. 1): Power vs. Force

Today the Sun rose in the spectacular energies of Taurus, which are activating new qualities of well being, power and strength.


In Taurus we connect deeply into new capacities for healing and vitality, especially through the strength of our bodies and the light of Love that is held within all of Nature. 


As we receive these new energies I’m inspired to share with you some personal reflections related to new creation and my own learning.


It’s been a while since I’ve sent a message. My life has been super full for the past several weeks with amazing new creations and beautiful new groups with whom to collaborate (see updates at the end of this article). 


As we enter these new zodiac energies, I’m inspired to reflect on the creative energies we are bringing forward. By integrating lessons of the recent past we can more fully experience today’s shift into new potential. 

Lessons from Aries: The Courage to be Your True Self

As the Sun makes her annual journey through each zodiac sign she activates new qualities of consciousness that are available to us all.
Aries energy holds the inspiration to be a true individual. It brings qualities of courage, fearlessness, originality, adventure and the inspiration to explore new avenues of creation. 

The major arcana cards pictured here beautifully express these qualities of personal authority and the fiery inspiration to be a true individual.
The Emperor (left) represents the strong authority of personal power. The symbols here show your ability to claim sovereignty in the earth realm, through commitment to Spirit (the shield and the lamb) and the right use of power (the scepter, earth orb and crown).
The Rebel (right) also expresses these qualities of courage and personal authority. He is a true individual (dressed in many colors) and carries the Ace of Wands, representing his creative connection to spirit and Source. The chains of past limitations are broken. He is free.

The Rebel forms a beautiful complement to the Emperor, reminding us that the authority of our full creative power is always held in the freedom of the present moment. Healthy authority rests within in each person and is never imposed. 
The shadow of Aries’ power is the quality of force. ‘Force’ in Aries can be expressed in two ways: either by giving away our personal authority through fear, or by assuming authority over others through aggression. These powerful shadows of fear through submission and aggression permeate every aspect of our lives. They exist internally, within our daily moment-to-moment actions, as well as the systems and expectations of our culture-at-large.
The Sun’s recent journey through Aries has illuminated both shadow and light, so you can clearly choose your own path of freedom. These beautiful archetypes of authority are alive within you now. This is a wonderful time to reflect on your ability to claim your freedom and the inspiration to be a true individual.

Our Aries Spread: Consulting the Rebel Within

Knowing the current opportunities for expansion, I asked the following question: “What do we need to know today about accessing the courage to find our inner Rebel?” 

I’m showing two versions of the spread I pulled. I’m finding a lot of value these days in working side-by-side with the Harris (Thoth) deck as well as the Osho Zen tarot.  I find the Harris deck valuable as a library of western mystical tradition. The Osho Zen deck offers an eastern approach that focuses specifically on learning to live from our hearts in the present moment. 

As you explore themes from this spread, hold curiosity for your own messages about connecting with your inner Rebel.


First Version: The Harris (Thoth) Deck

The Five of Swords, Defeat (center bottom) in the position of Heart and Awareness indicates the importance of recognizing the sabotaging nature of thoughts and memories from the past. 

Our thoughts, memories and fears of defeat are ALWAYS held in our mind. They are NEVER with our spirit in the present moment. The rest of the spread illustrates how to leave the past behind, by moving from our mind to our heart. 

The Four of Wands, Completion (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances indicates your ability to release the past and come fully present into the moment.  

As the card for the final 10 degrees of Aries, this also directly affirms the courage you have now to leave the past and step fully into the present moment.

The Princess of Disks (right) in the position of Spirit represents your Inner Rebel through a new capacity to live in trust. Like the Princess you are creating from within. You know that all your needs will be met and all your visions of creation will be fulfilled, beyond even your wildest dreams. 

The Ace of Cups (center top) in the position of What is Being Integrated affirms  an experience of blessing through your ability to live now from your heart. The thoughts of fear and defeat no longer hold any emotional charge. You are free.


Second Version: The Osho Zen Tarot

The Five of Swords, Comparison (center bottom) in the position of Heart and Awareness. This image beautifully expresses the sabotaging nature of our mental habits of judging and comparing (ourselves & others, present & past, etc.) rather than staying in our hearts with the fullness of what is actually showing up in the moment. Whenever we judge we are always in our mind, not the present moment.

The Four of Wands, Participation (left) in the position of Body and Circumstances. When we release our attachments to the past (Completion) we are free to fully participate in the new potentials of the present moment. This is where our inner Rebel lives!

The Princess of Disks, Adventure (right) in the position of Spirit. This card provides a beautiful complement to the Princess of Disks shown earlier, and offers a practical answer to the question I posed with this spread. 

You can strengthen your connection to your inner Rebel by fostering the natural sense of adventure and eager curiosity that you held within as a child. In other words, your quest to be a rebel doesn’t have to feel forceful or heavy. Your spirit will lead with gentleness and love.

The Ace of Cups, Going with the Flow (top, center) appears in the position of What is Being Integrated.  This card says it all!  What is being integrated through this quest for your inner Rebel is the ability to live fully in your heart and experience the flow and ease of the love of Source that sustains you in every present moment.

Celebrating the Adventure of Life

This is a time for us all to remember that our opportunities for freedom, healing and new creation are held within each moment.


When we have the courage to release our habits of judgment and fearful thoughts (5 of Swords), we are able to release attachments to the past and show up as full participants in the creative power of the present moment (4 of Wands).


In this way we can pay attention to the promptings of our inner Rebel who is always calling us to the adventure of new creation. The more we learn to live from Spirit the more we find ourselves held in the flow and ease of Source (Ace of Cups). 


Each day, step by step you are expanding more and more into your capacity to hold your light and experience the flow of ease and grace that expands from your Spirit within. This is a time to use your courage and the power of choice to step into the new energies of vitality and opportunity that are available to you now. 


  • What is calling you forward?
  • Do you recognize the pioneering spirit of your inner Rebel?
  • What practical actions can you take to express your unique inspiration?

Remember as you act and follow inspiration, to always make decisions from your heart.  The more you are in your heart (versus your head), the more of your spirit is present.


Take a breath and say aloud, “I command my Spirit to take all the thoughts in my head and drop them into my heart.” (I say this command aloud many times every day.)


As you expand your light within your body, feel your awareness expand within your heart. Now feel into the present now. What is the adventure held for you within this moment? What is your preference? This is your path to new creation.


Moment by moment, the light within your heart will guide you and the healing power of nature will be with you every step of the way.


Here’s to the Power of Life and New Adventure!

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