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Welcome to the Dragon! Celebrating New Beginnings

Welcome to the Dragon Year!


The Dragon Year is here! In the Chinese calendar, the Solar New Year officially launched our Dragon Year on Sunday, Feb. 4th when the Sun entered the midpoint of Aquarius at 15°. 
This activation released powerful Aquarian energies of freedom, inspiration, courage and vision. The image here of the Celestial, or Tianlong, Dragon symbolizes your connection to these high-frequency spiritual energies of strength, wisdom, and prosperity. 
Chinese dragons don’t breathe fire, as do their western counterparts. Rather, the Celestial Dragon is holding fire, representing your connection to the flame of new creation. This encourages you to connect within to your own flame, and your ability to experience and create new visions for yourself and all of humanity.
Dragon Years always represent big change and transformation. The Celestial Dragon acknowledges this time of transformation, and promises good fortune, abundance, and protection. This is a time to receive these new frequencies, through your direct connection to your Spirit and Source. Like the dragon, you can access new levels of inspiration, wisdom, optimism and courage. 

Celebrating New Beginnings

One of my favorite personal ceremonies each year is to refresh my front entry as a way to welcome the new energies of the Solar New Year. Last Saturday afternoon was the time I had set aside and – as you can see from the photo here – the sun participated in my celebration! 


As I swept the porch, clearing away dust and leaves from the winter, I focused on appreciation for all of the blessings in my life, as well as my inspiration for new projects, and my eagerness for all of the visions of creation that lie ahead.


After I swept away the past, I refreshed the hummingbird feeder and potted up some new primroses. The final step of the ceremony was to place a new doormat to officially welcome the new beginning. 


Now each time I cross the threshold I am filled with happiness and anticipation, feeling the new energies of creation that are entering my home and my life.


I share this tradition of refreshing your entry in case it will inspire you, too, to mark your own celebration of releasing the past and welcoming the new energies of life that are with you now. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Dragon Year and celebrate the new energies of life, there are still a few spots left in Friday night’s Dragon Year talk. We also just added a new Zoom option for those who can’t be here in person! (You can purchase tickets here.)

However you are inspired to begin the new season of life, I encourage you to be patient and kind with yourself and others.  The momentum of powerful change is real and can often feel overwhelming. Dragons are beautiful teachers for us now. They show us how to thrive in the physical world by allowing our energy to flow. This is how we learn to fly.


This connection between flow, emotional release, and flight is something I am personally excited to explore. The challenges are real, and even more so are the opportunities. There is good fortune, abundance and protection available for us all. Let’s fly!




Upcoming Events

Year of the Dragon Evening Talk

Friday, February 9, 7 – 8:30 pm.

  • In person at the Seattle Sound Temple. (There are a few seats left)
  • Live Stream over Zoom. 

Learn more and purchase tickets HERE.

Riding the Dragon Workshop - 1 Spot Left!

Sunday, February 11, 9:30 am – 5 pm.

In this exciting day of immersion we’ll use astrology, tarot, oracle cards and energy medicine to explore your unique connection to the Dragon energies, and amplify your intentions and visions for the future.

Learn more and register HERE. 

PS if the class has filled, email me to be added to the wait list and/or be notified if this class is offered again.

Foundational Alchemy for 2024

The Four Pillars of Freedom

This year’s Foundational Alchemy Program has been carefully designed to enable you to navigate the momentum of rapid change with wisdom, courage, creativity and purpose.

This year’s program begins March 3. 

Schedule a Discovery Call with Elizabeth today!

Personal Energy Sessions

Schedule a personal session and receive individual support to help you access all of the potentials that await. Release limitation, clarify decisions and amplify your connection Spirit and Source.


Sessions are currently available through March. 

Learn More and Schedule HERE.

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