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You’re Invited: “Year of the Dragon” Events

The Dragon Year is here!

You’re invited to join me for two very special events celebrating the transformative energies that the 2024 Wood Dragon brings.  


Upcoming Events:  


  • “Year of the Dragon” Talk: Friday, Feb. 9th at 7 pm.
  • “Astrology of the Dragon Year” Workshop: Sunday, Feb. 11th,  9:30 am – 5 pm.
Read on to learn why I’m feeling so inspired about the energies of the Dragon Year and what dragons have to teach us all.

The Year of the 2024 "Yang Wood Dragon" officially begins on Saturday, February 10.

The qualities of this year’s Dragon Year beautifully describe the enormous processes of change we’re all experiencing.
Dragons are spectacular. Their energies are larger than life. They capture our imagination, and enable us to reach beyond the ordinary and mundane. With dragon energies we learn how to transform what has been created in the past into something new and greater.
We have been taught that dragons are mythical creatures, yet many of us have memories of ancient times when we walked with dragons. These memories are real and the energies of dragons are with us yet today.

In these dynamic events we’ll explore how you can connect directly to the powers of transformation that the Dragon Year brings. 
It’s time to fly!

Year of the Dragon Talk

Highlights of the Evening Include:

  • Insights into Current Astrology (the big picture context for where we are now).
  • Traditional qualities of the Dragon Year (and how to navigate these intense energies of transformation).
  • Considerations related to your Birth Year (and why this matters).
  • Energy Medicine Tools (experiential techniques for stability, resilience, and expansion).
  • Practical Tips for Health and Abundance in the New Year (including Feng Shui).

It’s been six years since I last offered one of these special New Year talks.


A LOT has happened in our world since then! I’m truly excited to meet with you and share some of the things I’ve learned in the recent past, as well as my inspirations for the days to come.

Space is limited for this special event. Reserve your seat today.

Riding the Dragon Workshop

Tools for the Shift

Launching a Pivotal Year of Change

This exciting day will offer you a positive big-picture overview of the shifts we’re going through, along with tangible ways to remain balanced and centered. 


Through hands-on activities in astrology, energy medicine, and tarot you’ll receive creative insights and practical techniques for mastering the changes in our world with inspiration, clarity, optimism and joy.

  • Modern energy medicine tools and Aquarian ascension teachings will increase your ability to stay balanced and centered, even during times of challenge or uncertainty.
  • Guided tarot activities will clarify your intentions, illuminate unnecessary limitations, and strengthen new momentum.
  • Amplified frequencies of support within the group container of the day will affirm your power to create, beyond what you have ever imagined.

I'm truly excited about this day.

The Importance of the Group

Because the energies are so big, in Dragon years it’s important to find others with whom to collaborate, not only for support but also to take advantage of the larger-than-life opportunities that are available.
This is a great time to join together to share in the energies of optimism and courage that the dragon brings. Join me for one or both of these events, and realize how you, like the dragon, can learn to fly.

Resources & Events

Inner Voice Osho cropped

Last Call! Foundations of Aquarian Tarot

Sunday, Jan. 28th.

There are a few spots left for this weekend’s oracle wisdom adventure. This workshop is designed to help you access all of the Dragon Year energies. 

Two Day Option: Register for Jan 28th AND Feb. 11, and receive a big discount.

Learn More and Register HERE.

Astrology Insights

Read Steven Shroyer’s recent astrology article on Pluto and the Leo Full Moon for more information on the remarkable potency we’re experiencing.


Pluto’s Grand Entrance into Aquarius: A Masked Figure and the Dilemma of Identity

Personal Energy Sessions

Schedule a personal session and receive individual support to help you access all of the potentials that await. Release limitation, clarify decisions and amplify your connection Spirit and Source.


Sessions are currently available through March. Learn More and Schedule HERE.

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